The Great Dixter Cookbook

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Great Dixter— historic English house, quintessential country garden and home to the late master gardener Christopher Lloyd— has for decades been a sort of horticulturist's mecca. Known for the breathtaking ornamental gardens he created there, the 16th-century manor house is also famed for its vegetable gardens and the delicious meals Lloyd concocted from their harvest. The Great Dixter Cookbook shows you how to celebrate your own garden's seasonal offerings in the same way. It features seventy simple, plant-based dishes, a number of which come from the Lloyd family's personal kitchen notebooks, that allow you to appreciate the just-picked flavors of your own home-grown produce. More than just a cookbook, it also features expert planting guides for over 20 varieties of fruits and vegetables and a "Garden Diary" that lays out key seasonal garden tasks, as well as gorgeous photographs of both the mouth-watering dishes and the sweeping landscapes. With offerings ranging from English classics like breakfast scones and chicken and leek pie, to more contemporary fare such as raspberry and beetroot smoothies and crispy kale with sea salt and lemon, The Great Dixter Cookbook will help you make good use of the crops you grow this summer.
•8.5"W x 1"D x 11"H
•by Aaron Bertelsen
•photographs by Andrew Montgomery
•240 pages

$39.95 $27.00
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