Extraordinary Cookbook

•by Stefan Gates

How to Make Meals Your Friends Will Never Forget

In the author’s words, “It’s a completely practical cookbook, but all the food is in some way extraordinary, spectacular, interactive or enlightening.” Not so practical that the reader will turn to it for Monday dinner, but perhaps an unforgettable dinner party. The Extraordinary Cookbook is a fun read, providing over 120 recipes for memorable meals that will surprise, amaze, and delight guests. In the category “practical”, among those very few recipes are Classic Braised Oxtail and Whole Baked Fish. Golden Chicken (that is, a whole chicken gilded in edible gold leaf) certainly belongs in the spectacular column; Fluorescent Jello, too. To get all guests involved, Do-It-Yourself Butter seems easy and fascinating, while a Crab and Hammer Party would be a summer highlight. Try Skewers Cooked On A Car Engine, or even better, Lunch Cooked in the Dishwasher. Seriously? Many of the recipes should not be served to the squeamish – Roasted Fish Heads for example or Chicken Heart Skewers. For the most part The Extraordinary Cookbook will inspire the readers to inject fun and wonderment into their next big event.


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