Clinton Chair [Custom]


•30"W x 32"D x 36"H
•choose your fabric
•choose your wood finish
•choose your nailheads
•choose your cushion fill
•overall measurements: 30"W x 32"D x 34"H
•inside measurements: 24"W x 22"D
•seat height: 15"H
•seat depth: 22"D
•arm height: 24"H
We have found that following these guidelines will help to maintain your upholstered furniture. Vacuum regularly or brush with a nonmetallic, stiff-bristle brush to remove dust and grime. Reverse and rotate seat and back cushions to increase longevity. Protect from direct sunlight to prevent fading. Know your fabric's Spot Cleaning Code so you can act fast if a spill occurs. Overall cleaning is recommended approximately every 12 to 24 months. Don't wait until severe soiling before cleaning. The more soiling, the less likelihood of restoring the fabric. Use a professional upholstery cleaning service. Don't remove the seat or back cushion casings for cleaning. Unlike slipcovered cushion casings, upholstered casings are not meant to be removed.

SPILL TIPS: Pat spills immediately with a soft white cloth. Always test cleaners first in an inconspicuous place. Do not saturate fabric with cleaner. Pat instead of rubbing to avoid altering surface texture. (Pile fabrics may need a non-metallic, stiff-bristle brush to restore their appearance.) Clean stains from the outer edge in to prevent "circling."

Please select a fabric order swatches

  • Farrow - Acorn $2,136.00
  • Farrow - Midnight Blue Linen $2,136.00
  • Farrow - Old Rose $2,136.00
  • Flanders - Bark $1,686.00
  • Flanders - Coal $1,686.00
  • Salvador - Pewter $1,536.00
  • Veranda - Silver $2,166.00
  • Vienna - Navy $1,595.00

Please select a wood finish

  • Ebony $0.00
  • Black Walnut $0.00
  • Vintage Chestnut $0.00
  • Tobacco $0.00

Please select a nail head

  • Pewter $0.00
  • Nickel $0.00
  • Antique Brass $0.00

Please select a cushion fill cushion fill options

  • Standard $0.00
  • Down And Feather Cushion Upgrade $0.00


We are currently sold out of this item but we may be able to source or manufacture another for you.  Please contact us at info@jaysonhome.com or call     1-800-472-1885.