Agate Coaster

With swirling patterns and striking hues, it isn't hard to see why agate stones have been prized for ages. Add some of that organic beauty to your tabletop with a collection of our stunning Agate Coasters. Sliced from semi-precious stones formed from ancient volcanic lava, these partially translucent coasters have been polished to a smooth finish, enhancing their stunning ring-like striations. For a touch of contrast, their textured rocky edges have been left untouched. Perfectly sized for a mug or a cocktail glass, our Agate Coasters are so pretty you'll want to leave them out on the coffee table or bar even when you're not putting them to use. With natural colors and shapes formed by the earth itself, each is unique.

•approximately 4" diameter
•naturally colored, cut gemstone
•polished top and bottom
•hand wash
•organic details will vary
•each is unique

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