Fireplace Matches

starting at $14.00

Our colorfully cheerful Fireplace Matches are seasonless — as perfect for lighting the bar-b-que as they are a bundle of logs. Forty-eight match tips are color coordinated with the stripes on their container. Our Blues and Reds Matches feature natural sticks, and our Reds and Yellows Matches have black sticks. A handy match strike can be found on the bottom of the container.

•natural or black sticks
•48 matches
•match strike on bottom of container
•match tips color coordinated with stripes on container

•overall: 2" diameter x 11"H
•each match: 10.5" long

  • Blues & Reds Matches Blues & Reds Matches / $14.00 Quantity:
  • Reds & Yellows Matches Reds & Yellows Matches / $14.00 Quantity:
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