Mad et Len Candles

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Crafted in a small village near Grasse, France, our deeply fragrant Mad et Len Candles harken back to times past, both in method and look. They're hand poured in small batches from a blend of natural vegetable wax, which is scented using pure original perfume. Each perfume is carefully developed by a chemist, using wood, spices, flowers and house made essential oils, creating singular, intoxicating aromas. Our Mad et Len Candles are housed in blackened iron jars with matching snuff lids, hand forged by a local blacksmith. Choose from six enchanting scents.

•3.25" diameter x 3.25"H
•10.5 oz
•approximatley 20- 25 hour burn time
•housed in handmade blackened iron jar
•hand poured from vegetable wax
•scented with pure original perfume
•cotton wick
SPIRITUELLE: fresh blend of basil, cypress, moroccan mint tea

TERRE NOIRE: earthy mix of damp earth, rich soil, pine bark and aged oakwood

FIGUE NOIRE: fresh blend of rich sandalwood and wild green fig

BLACK CHAMPAKA: hints of balmy resin, fragrant champaka and fruits

DARKWOOD: enchanting mix of smoky bark, leather, herbal fougere and ebony wood

GRAPHITE: notes of leather, sleek graphite, cut wood and parchment

  • Spirituelle Candle Spirituelle Candle / $110.00 Quantity:
  • Terre Noire Candle Terre Noire Candle / $110.00 Quantity:
  • Figue Noire Candle Figue Noire Candle / $110.00 Quantity:
  • Black Champaka Candle Black Champaka Candle / $110.00 Quantity:
  • Darkwood Candle Darkwood Candle / $110.00 Quantity:
  • Graphite Candle Graphite Candle / $110.00 Out of stock
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