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A hair cut is more than just a style. It's a way to characterize a point in history, to make a personal or political statement, to outwardly show inner personality. At least that's celebrity hairdresser John Barrett's philosophy, which he shares in his book Hair. From a Gibson girl's voluminous bun to Cara Delevigne's pastel pink bob, as well as every pixie cut, pompadour, mohawk, flat top and dreadlock in between, Hair is a striking visual portfolio of era-defining styles. Flip through page after page of stunning photographs and illustrations of actors, musicians, style icons and every day people whose locks captured the spirit of their time, interspersed with witty hair-related quotes from cultural figures as well as Barrett himself. This expertly curated collection would make the perfect coffee table book.
•10"W x 1.75"D x 13"H
•by John Barrett
•introduction by Lynn Yaeger
•260 pages

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