Taavo Somer is a renowned architect and designer, best known as the creative mind behind Freemans restaurant. Nestled at the end of an alleyway in Manhattan’s Lower East side, Freemans is famed not only for its delicious food and cocktails, but for the atmosphere that Somer has created. A zinc bar, wooden tables designed and handmade by Somer himself and a now emblematic collection of taxidermy animal heads gives Freemans a style that is part hunting lodge, part 1950s dinner party. In his first ever book, titled after this unique eatery, Somer has opened the door to the Freemans world. Over 125 stunning photographs and numerous sketches explore not only Freemans restaurant, but some of Somer’s other creations, from his menswear shop, Freemans Sporting Club, to his own home in upstate New York. Alongside these photos, Somer has shared his inspirations and philosophies, which are certain to inspire anyone looking to build, create or style. Freemans is bound in a beautiful marbled grey cover, sure to make a handsome addition to your coffee table or bookshelf.
•9.75"W x 1"D x 11.75"H
•by Taavo Somer with David Coggins
•240 pages

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