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Moroccan Mudcloth - Brown


We love textiles. Often times we love them even more when we can appreciate the labor, craftsmanship and artistry that is involved in the production of such beautiful workmanship. Our Moroccan Mudcloth is just one example.

Our Moroccan Mudcloth is handmade cotton fabric dyed using a fermented mud technique that dates back to the 12th century. In a rather laborious process, cotton is woven in narrow strips of fabric which are then pieced together to produce a larger rectangular textile. A complicated resist-dye technique involves first organically dying, then drying, then painting with fermented mud numerous times. A bleach is used to turn the dyed fabric white, and the result is a white pattern on a dark ground. The entire process takes weeks.

•approximately 65" x 95"
•handwoven and pieced cotton fabric
•dyed with organic matter
•decorative patterns are painted on the cloth with fermented mud, washed, dried and repeated
•bleach is used to turn the organically dyed cloth white
•a white pattern on a dark background emerges

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